My Story


My passion is helping companies grow their business by growing their people.

With +25 years of experience working for a small accessories manufacturer that had amazing entrepreneurial spirit and grew up to be a fortune 500 company that manufactured and distributed product globally through retail, wholesale and e-commerce channels.  I manage a global network of systems and people to support the supply chain and inventory management processes.  After a lay-off I found my self looking introspecitvely at what I enjoyed and what I would prefer not to do anymore.  People are my passion.  Helping them grow, develop and to see the benefits.  I enjoy starting from scratch and creating the path, while learning every step of the way.  My most recent experiencehas been, building a Human Resources function starting with the basics of file management and record keeping to recruiting and HR systems implementations for a new Pharmaceutical start-up.

While at the fortune 500 company I was fortunate to experience the Coach U training program, introductory and advanced.  I’ve experience coaching Executives and high performing middle managers to teach them the skills to reach for the growth and recognition they wanted.  I also provided team-coaching to project teams created to support system implementation projects.  This provided them with the skills and platform to work through issues and challenges brought on by depending on others to move a project forward.

In 2008 I was diagnosed with Diabetes.  After a couple of challenging years getting the correct diagnosis, I researched and read everything I could to better understand options for treatment and improved health.  This brought me to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and their extensive training program.  There are more than 100 dietary theories to understand and the concept of bio-individuality makes it clear that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to health and nutrition.  It’s not just about weight loss, but improved physical, mental and spiritual health.  Sharing this knowledge with others in the form of coaching programs is something that I truly enjoy.

Specialties: HR Processes, Start-up development, Coaching/Training and Nutrition programs