Human Resources Services

On-site and remote support:

Human resources

  • Develop Human Resources function including processes and procedures.
  • Build a robust, new hire process from job requisition to on-boarding and 90 day review.
  • Provide your leadership team with objective and strategic input and guidance regarding business growth and organizational development.
  • Develop process and protocol for hiring and retention, including summer internship programs.
  • Partner with management to create job descriptions and organization charts to set performance expectations and a basis for performance evaluations.
  • Implement HR policies and programs including employee relations, recruiting, wage and salary administration and benefits, incorporating all policies and procedures into an employee handbook.
  • Actively identify and facilitate learning and coaching opportunities to address day-to-day employee issues, both direct labor and office personnel including labor relations, attendance, salary and benefits utilizing problem solving techniques.
  • Oversee benefits programs and ensure employee’s benefit support, including the creation and method of tracking paid-time off.
  • Be a resource to business leaders in all aspects of organization development and effectiveness, including: staffing, on-boarding, performance management, and compensation strategies ensuring compliance.
  • Identify a payroll processing partner, setup time-clock system and process to meet payroll schedule and objectives.